What type of aerial photography/videography drones do you use?

We use multi-copters which are a cost-effective way to get high-quality stable aerial video footage for our clients. We primarily use quadcopters or hexacopters for our aerial productions which offer high-stability, an ideal weight ratio, and a more efficient operating platform. Our standard shooting resolution is 4k, so you’re always guaranteed an excellent high resolution, cinema quality video. Our state of the art equipment includes a DJI Phantom 4 pro+ v2 and DSLR cameras, Canon EOS-M50, Go-Pro Hero Black 7 4k.


How long can your drones fly?


Our systems are electric with typical flight times of 20 to 28 minutes, depending upon payload and weather conditions. When the battery pack is at or near 25% capacity, for safety reasons, we return the drone home to its take-off location. At that point, it only takes a couple of seconds to install a new battery pack and be back up in the air. We have several battery packs and a portable charging station on-site to allow continual flights throughout the day. For remote locations which we can drive to, we charge a reasonable rental rate for a generator.


At what altitude and speed can your drones fly?


We limit our operations to an altitude of 400′ (per FAA regulations). As for speeds, wind conditions play a role, but it is not uncommon to obtain maximum speeds of about 20 mph. We rarely have any reason for these high speeds, as our goal is to typically shoot stable video footage at a speed around 10 mph.


How smooth is your aerial video footage?


We use very high-end aerial drones for our video productions and utilize various gimbals, which are camera stabilizers. This enables us to shoot level and stable footage reqardless of any turbulence. Even in windy conditions, up to 15 mph, we capture beautiful HD or 4K footage without shake. Furthermore, we’re able to smooth out any minor imperfections during the video editing stage using several techniques including video-stabilization, speed adjustment and other editing plug-ins.


Are you able to fly or film indoors?


It is totally fine to fly indoors as long as adequate room is available to guarantee the safety of property and individuals. That said, we stay at least eight feet away from people to ensure their safety.